Carbon Leadership Forum

The Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) is a non-profit organization made up of researchers, practitioners, materials suppliers, owners, associations, and policymakers who are taking bold steps to decarbonize the built environment. The CLF’s member practitioners work through the application of better design, materials, and construction practices. Other members and chapters conduct research, create resources, foster collaboration, and incubate initiatives aimed at bringing the embodied carbon emissions of buildings down to zero.

Please note that CLF courses are not approved for CE credit by any accreditors but may be self-reported by users to their licensing organizations.

Trending Courses
Wood Carbon Seminars - 1.1 - Introduction to the Wood Carbon Seminars
Wood Carbon Seminars - 1.2: Trees, Forestry, and Carbon 101
Wood Carbon Seminars - 1.3: Manufacturing and the Forest Products Industry
Wood Carbon Seminars - 2.1: Carbon Neutrality and its Connection to the Substitution Effects of Forest Products
Wood Carbon Seminars - 2.2: How LCA Handles Wood
Wood Carbon Seminars - 2.3: A Deeper Dive into Wood Product LCA and Forest Resource Accounting
Wood Carbon Seminars - 3.1: Certification and Chain-of-Custody
Wood Carbon Seminars - 3.3: Wood in LCIs and LCA Tools
Wood Carbon Seminars - 3.2: Carbon and Sustainability Tracking
Wood Carbon Seminars - 4.1: Economics of Wood Products

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